Do refunds take a long time to process?

A 14-day processing time is common for these. Please contact our customer service team if you have waited longer than 14 days.

If I haven't received my order, how do I cancel it?

For any orders that you wish to cancel and have not yet received, use our Webchat service to speak to a member of our team. For online cancellation requests that have not yet reached you, please fill out our dedicated cancellation form.

We can assist you with our Webchat service if you refuse delivery to the driver.

Those who have not yet received an order that they bought online can contact our Webchat service or use the cancellation request form to cancel the order they have not yet received.

You may cancel your online mobile phone order or contract by calling us.

What if I cannot provide proof of purchase for a return?

Only items purchased with proof of purchase can be returned or exchanged. For example, a sales receipt, a bank statement, or an online sales invoice may serve as proof of sale.

My purchase came with shipping charges. Can I get a refund for them?

The delivery charges are refunded in the vast majority of cases. Occasionally, however, delivery charges may not be refunded, the contact center will inform you if this is the case.

How should you return or exchange a mobile phone?

Personal data should be removed. When removing personal data from the device, please remove any photos or saved numbers, as you will not be able to access them after the device has been returned.

Don't forget to include:

  • You must include your complete address (including the postcode).
  • Proof of purchase, or the transaction number if you do not have one
  • The item and all of its original packaging
  • Accessory Items (including free gifts)

**The iPhone return procedure**

"Find my iPhone" should be deactivated. You may not be able to return your item if you do not follow these steps.

Returning an Android Phone

Turn off Google Smart Lock. Otherwise, we may be unable to accept your return.

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