How to Hang Festoon Lights Outdoors - All Inclusive DIY Set up Guide

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Mounting festoon lights may present a slight challenge, but with some preparation, it can become a straightforward and enjoyable task! Below are a few considerations when picking out tools and materials for this endeavour:

  • Each location varies, so you may need to get imaginative when planning your setup. Depending on the area, hooks stands, ropes, or wires might come in handy.

  • This is a simple DIY project that yields a polished professional outcome. Follow our straightforward installation steps outlined below, and you'll be all set to relish your outdoor environment in no time!

Tools and Materials Required:

Depending on your festoon lights' placement, you'll require various tools. If you're pondering how to suspend them in a yard bereft of trees, the process differs from employing a pergola. Here are three primary installation scenarios:

How to hang festoon lights in backyard

Strung Between Fixing Points Less Than 8m Apart:

  • Outdoor Festoon Lights: Ensure you have enough to span the entire area you intend to illuminate.
  • Outdoor Extension Cord: This should be outdoor-rated; however, you may bypass this if an exterior outlet is close enough to your light installation.
  • Drill: Electric drills are ideal but manual drills suffice if necessary.
  • Tape Measure: Handy for measuring distances between hookup points.
  • Pencil/Painter’s Tape: Suitable for marking spaces post-measurement.
  • Metal Hooks/Eyes: Used as fixing points; sturdy hooks capable of supporting belt and support wire weight are recommended.
  • Zip Ties: Used for securing belts to metal hooks and eye-fixing points.
  • Ladder: Necessary for setups not at ground level.

Strung Over Large Areas With Fixing Points Over 8m Apart:

In this instance, you'll also require the following:

  • String Light Suspension Kit: These kits are optimal for supporting lights over longer distances and typically include a wire cable, pad eyes with screws, snap hooks, lock clamps, and turnbuckles.
  • Wire Cutter: To trim the wire cable from your suspension kit to ensure a proper fit. Avoid cutting prematurely, as this could result in a cable too short for the job.

In Backyards Without Trees Or Other Tall Supports:

Many homeowners sans trees often wonder how to hang festoon lights in their yards without using trees. If this is your installation scenario, read on for the necessary tools and hardware to spruce up your backyard.

  • Wooden Posts/Poles: The foundation for your stands; aim for a height no greater than 3.5 meters.
  • Hammer: Necessary if using nails.
  • Nails: Useful for attaching to fences.
  • Weighted Buckets: Serve as the foundation for posts or poles; plastic filled with concrete is a popular choice.

Your Follow-Along Setup Guide:

Installing Fixing Points 2Attach Festoon Cable to Support Wire 1Screw in LED festoon light bulbs

Once you've gathered your tools and selected suitable festoon lights, it's time to dive into the fun task of transforming your backyard! Our step-by-step instructions below guide you through hanging festoon lighting in various backyard spaces, including wooden decks, patios, elevated balconies, and garden lawns.

  1. Plan your lighting layout and fixing points: Before commencing, map out your festoon lights' installation by laying them on the ground, providing insight into the finished project and required lighting quantity.

  2. Install fixing points (and support wire if necessary): Once your pattern is established, install the fixing points accordingly. Utilize hooks or eyes, drill holes as needed, and secure the fixing points in place.

  3. Attach lights to fixing points or steel wire support cable: With the support wire in place, affix the lights using cable ties, ensuring a secure attachment to the wire or support points.

  4. Screw in the LED light bulbs: Insert each LED bulb into its socket, ensuring a tight waterproof seal to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment.

  5. Connect to power and turn on the system: Once the bulbs are secure, connect the power and test the system to ensure proper functionality. Enjoy the warm, inviting glow emitted by your festoon lights, setting the stage for many memorable evenings ahead.

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